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Embrace your personality, your scars, your story - You are beautiful exactly as you are!

Mathieu Allen Photography offers the Ottawa/Gatineau region an alternative to traditional family portrait photography. We specialize in capturing the unique traits and personalities of each individual , providing custom, stunning family portraits that shine with personality


"The most accurate representation of us!"

What is Evol

EVOL represents a reinvented concept of the traditional family portrait, addressing its inherent flaws and limitations.

The conventional approach to family portraits often involves a lengthy, arduous, and uncomfortable process of gathering the entire family and coaxing them into forced, artificial smiles. This can be particularly challenging for children, pets, elderly individuals, or those with disabilities, as they may find it taxing and demanding.

Fortunately, EVOL offers an ideal alternative that caters to everyone's needs. I have developed a method that allows me to capture each individual's unique personality in a pleasant and efficient manner.

Through this distinctive process, I strive to capture the authentic essence of each family member, surpassing the realm of contrived smiles. If Grandpa prefers not to smile because it doesn't align with his personal style, EVOL celebrates and embraces that decision. If Mom embraces her natural, tousled hairstyle without feeling the need to perfect it, EVOL admires and respects her choice. If your two-year-old son, much like mine was, is a bit shy, EVOL acknowledges and accommodates his temperament.

Each family member is granted their own individual frame, and when combined, they form the cohesive unit that is your family.

Embrace your true selves and fearlessly exhibit your uniqueness.

Celebrate the beauty of imperfection with EVOL.


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